Solaire Power Nozzle SL103

Solaire Power Nozzle SL103

    Price: $265.99

    Code: 045062

    Weight: 6.00 pounds

    Solaire Power Nozzle SL103

    Beam Advocate replacement power head #045062 (round neck)

    The Beam Solaire SL103 power head, manufactured by Electrolux, is one of several Beam powerheads for your central vacuum system. This is a universal powerhead that can be used with other brands. If you have pets, long hair, fringed carpets, or just don't want to deal with breaking belts, you may want to consider this powerhead that uses a cog belt. Most vacuums use traditional flat belts that can break more often. Cog belts have teeth and almost never break. It doesnt mean you never need to replace a cog belt so be sure to stock up on a replacement so you have one on hand when you need it.


    * LED headlight to illuminate your cleaning path
    * Floating head that automatically adjusts to the floor height
    * Round neck with integrated cord management
    * Circuit breaker to protect the motor and cogged belt from damage if you pick up something you shouldnt
    * Single edge cleaning
    * Overmolded wheels for easy gliding on the carpet
    * Steel axle and bearings in the wheels for durability
    * Chrome wands