Kirby Carpet Shampoo 32 oz. 252702 -

Kirby Carpet Shampoo (32 oz.) [252702S]

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Kirby Carpet Shampoo is a professional strength carpet cleaning shampoo that quickly and easily cleans carpets and upholstery by removing stains caused by tracked-in dirt, coffee spills, grease and food stains, pet accidents, and more. Shampoo an entire room, or clean up a small stain with ease. Our specially formulated dry-foam process reduces excess moisture which can damage the backing of the carpet and allows carpets to dry faster.

Kirby Carpet Shampoo is formulated with an encapsulating polymer that never leaves a sticky residue behind. While other carpet shampoos can leave a sticky residue and actually attract dirt, our concentrated carpet shampoo for Kirby systems emulsifies dirt and grime, which is removed during the shampoo process. After shampooing the carpet with Kirby Multi-Surface Shampoo System, Kirby Carpet Shampoo surrounds left behind dirt then dries to a crystal. This crystal isn’t sticky and allows dirt to easily be vacuumed away.

Net Weight: 32 oz.  Sold individually.

Alternate Part Number(s): 49-0110-06, K-252702S

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